Clutches are a part of the transmission system.

Clutches are a part of the transmission system. They provide power, and therefore motion, to the different components in the transmission system. The clutch can be engaged or disengaged as needed. Clutches are components that connect and disconnect drive/line shafts. In basic motor systems, one shaft is attached to the motor, while the other shaft provides the output power created.

There are several different clutches available. The most common type of clutch is a friction clutch. Other types of clutches include a multiple plate clutch, a slip clutch, a centrifugal clutch, a cone clutch, a non-slip clutch, a wet clutch, and a dry clutch.

Friction clutches are used to connect a rotating component to a stationary one in order to transmit power. They can either be considered push types or pull types. In manual transmission cars, the clutch is manually operated by the driver. When not in use, the clutch remains in an engaged state. This allows for the connection between the gear box and the engine to continue running even if the vehicle is in neutral. In vehicles, the clutch can be located between the gear box and the engine, and are usually mounted to face the flywheel.

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