The water pump is an important part of the engine cooling system.

It circulates the engine coolant through the cooling system. Replacing the water pump is a difficult and time consuming job. If the car has a faulty water pump, it will overheat. In the worst scenario, you have to replace the entire engine. For this reason, quality is more important than cost when you are buying a water pump. The water pump is part of the engine; its function is to cool the engine by allowing the coolant to flow from the radiator to the cylinder’s water jacket.


The water pump is a functional part, and requires proper maintenance skills. Installation should be done by a qualified mechanic.

01 Be sure to check the appliance models (production years and part numbers) for the water pump.
02 Before replacing the pump with a new one, be sure to change the cooling water in the radiator and engine two to three times to clean it, and remove rust and core residue. If rust or other foreign particles enter the mechanical seal of the pump, it will cause premature water leakage.
03 When installing the pump, be sure to not apply too much on the liquid gasket. If too much liquid is used, the excess will float in the cooling water, and may get stuck between the seal and the sheet, which will result in water leakage.
04 If the belt has too much tension it will create a heavy load on the bearing, causing the bearing to wear out prematurely. The standard value of the belt is per every 10kg, the belt will bend 10 to 14mm.
05 When installing a new water pump, do not use the old coolant. Use fresh, clean water and high performance LLC. The main component in the coolant is ethylene glycol, which is a weak acid. It will corrode the impeller and the pump body, causing overheating and water leakage.

The oil pump has several important functions.

It is responsible for pressurizing the engine oil from the oil pan and pumping it throughout the engine. This pressurized oil, purified by the oil filter, can then flow properly into various parts of the internal combustion engine. The oil pump also delivers the oil to the various clutches through the valve reed.

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